Two Traders and Mr. Market

I started trading live 3 weeks ago.

I’ve noticed some kind of a split personality inside of me at different times.fotos_de_aurora-boreal

The first type is the confident trader.

“Ha~ha! Nope, you ain’t gonna trick me this time Mr. Market! ”

“I deserve better than this setup!”

” I’ve got all time in the world. So guess what? I’m not even gonna move my finger until I find a setup that is worthy enough.”

Secret River

The dark side of the trader.

“I decided that I am going to trade and time is running out. This is a candlestick signal and there is no meaning in thinking too much about it and making things complex. So let’s just press the button without thinking too much. If it doesn’t work …well I can afford to lose, right?”

I press the button and the trade has a loss.

“I lost again! My precious! My precious system! How could you betray me!? What in the world can I trust now? I cannot trust anything.”画像

– Well,

that’s about what it feels like to trade live for the first time 🙂


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