The Stages. The Map. Part 1

To achieve something you have never achieved before you have to become someone you have never been before.


But what does it take for me to become rich? And what is the order of flow?

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The Initial Stage

You have made it sure that trading is what you truly desire on a deeper level. You are sure of that it is an answer to your needs. You don’t even doubt it.

You don’t know anything about trading. Start slow. Your number 1 priority is to keep trading fun. The most fun things I have discovered as a beginner are :

1) Rob & Jason’s Traders PodcastMP3

2) Rob’s Adventures Of A Currency Trader

3) The psychological part of being a trader. You are a beginner. You don’t know anything about trading. But the psychology part of being a trader you can relate to because you are a human being. Start with psychology.

4) Trading Academy Series

I know that charts are boring to look at. Because they have nothing to do with you and your daily life and money at this point. And yet you have to develop an interest towards them, right? Don’t worry. You will feel interested in charts once you put your own real money on the line. But that’s for later. For now, gather motivation and let’s get an insight into the trading world. Then we’ll talk about specifics later.

The Learning Stage


I want to learn how to trade! Money money money! Fast! Fast! Let’s do it babeyy!!

Allright allright!

But don’t do anything stupid. Educate yourself through videos. Books are boring 😀

My favourite videos are:

1) Jason Stapleton

2) Chris Capre

3) Steve Nison

Remember, if it has nothing to do with you it will be boring to you.

Either consume material that is relevant to you or make yourself relevant to the material you have to consume. In other words: Adjust IT to YOU or adjust YOURSELF to IT.

The Expansion Phase


Trading expands. You are so involved with trading that you never get enough time to trade! You feel like you could learn forex continuously forever and ever! Everything interests you so much and perhaps you’re even makin’ money!??

Ride the wave! Simplify! If it is working for you, make the most of it! Temporarily sacrifice other areas of your life for the sake of trading. If you feel like you are in the zone, now is when you can make disproportionate progress to your input of time! Now is the holy time! Do your own thing extensively 200%. Cut off everything non-essential off for now.


The rest of the post coming up later,



 Part 2:

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