The Stages. The Map. Part 2

I left you with The Expansion Phase in the last post,

where you got so immersed in trading that you lost yourself in trading. Now it’s time to come back and see what really matters.37

The Organization Phase


The tools matter.

Get the better PC. Yeah, go get it.

You feel like you need a bigger monitor? Go get it asap.

In this stage you have found many critical variables in trading that are the core things which make you succeed in trading.

The more clutter you have in your your life, the harder it is to see what matters the most. So you start getting rid of habits that have a lower benefit to you. Always remember that the first thing you gotta do is to get rid of the non-essential in your life. Then the more important values will expand to fill the space opened up by deleting the inferior matter.

The ‘Attention to detail’ Phase


To understand what it means to be outstanding in trading means to understand that every detail in your life matters and affects everything else in your life. Secondly, single problems copulate 2x, 4x every few days like bacteria in biology and pollute everything else. Get rid of the contaminated phenomena. Cut the problems at their roots and never think about them again.

One problem (means)= Give it a few more days and you’ve got a ton of more. They like to copulate and cause you more headaches than you’d have imagined at first.



Keep track of what matters to you in your statistics. I have to tell you that Google Calendar is central to my daily life. If there is something certain and solid about our life on earth, it is the fact that time is the platform on which we operate. Days are over and days start – so manage your days and you will manage your months (and manage your years*). Put in daily data that matters about your past and your future. Create as much structure in your daily schedule and especially trading infrastructure* as you can. Structure means you decided about what matters to you in your daily life. It means that you made decisions and the rest is easy. The rest is to just follow your plan and ride the train 😉

See you next time,

I will talk about how to become a holistic trader who connects the dots and is in control of what is happening to his/her trading,

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