Diversifying Your Life

We talk about diversifying your portfolio. But how about diversifying your daily life?

It is not productive to put together hobbies like swimming, lifting weights, judo and wrestling, scheduling all after one another.

Take a break.


In the same way you do not want to do only sports because you would get too physically tired and have aching muscles you also do not want to match trading with only the same types of activities.

There is a limit.

You cannot actually do everything that your mind can think of. You need to rest and you need to take care of many things.

Be realistic.

A bad combination of daily activities would be to match: 1)Trading 2) Studying on the computer 3) Reading.

A better combination would be to match: 1) Trading 2) Watching movies with friends 3) Jogging.

But an even better combination would be to match: 1) Trading 2) Stretching 3) Outdoor sports 4) Travelling with friends & family 5) Apartment maintenance.



I am starting to get at that trading has its negative impacts:

1) Introvertedness: Trading is a solitary and mental profession that you can do alone but the negative side is that you start to become a deeply inwards-focused person.

2) Eyestrain: You need to use screens to watch charts and that strains your eyes. You can minimize it by reducing screen time hours and setting your monitor to the anti-bluelight mode.

3) Decreased flexibility: Your posture starts to get worse if you sit in front of a pc all day. Stretching is the solution.

4) Decreasing physical well-being and decreased physical strength: You start to get physically weak if you only sit at home for days and days. Intensive exercise with protein builds muscles.

5) Lack of focused attention: When charts start to move a lot you get attached to them and the mind starts to race. Meditation, taking a bath, sauna or going to a hot spring, using earplugs and and a facemask can help to calm you down. Perhaps even a retreat of some sort.

6) Narrow-mindedness: You start to think that trading is everything. That it is the meaning of life. But it is not.

7) Overly analytical mind: You start to spend your energy on analysing and scanning everything and it overwhelms you. Instead of thinking, do. Instead of thinking, be intuitive.

So what do we do?

We try to do the opposite of the negative impacts of trading.


Diversifying Your Daily Life Is The Key

Do the opposite of what you are doing too much of. Instead of doing your analysis for the 10th time, sit back and listen to a story.

Instead of creating all the time, sit back and consume: Go eat something new, go read a new book, watch a movie you have not seen or listen to a story from your friend.

Instead of consuming all the time, perhaps, create something of your own?

Look around and see that the world is not only in your computer screen.

It’s out there…


As for the body and the mind:

The mind cannot become any stronger than the body lets it become.

The body can not become any stronger than what the mind allows it to become. They work together.

Below is a video about Richard Branson’s Work-life balance.


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