Stress Is Not success. Stress Means Inefficiency.

Good luck chasing after success being stressed out.

Good luck working stressed out.

aoi Freeeee

Stress should not even happen in your life. 

Stress is what happens when you miscalculated something. But you must calculate and plan things as well as you can!

Stress is when you screwed up with your life management and are trying to save yourself at the very last moment.

The stupidest thing you might think is that stress is success because stress is the ultimate failure.

Stress is trying to tell you that you screwed up but you do not listen.


Productivity and efficiency mean getting the things done at the right time. When you are chasing after something or are behind on something chances are you allocated your time, energy and resources unwisely.

Your planning was crap.

Productivity and efficiency mean that your capacity to solve tasks, your resources and time allocated for solving tasks match the complexity and difficulty of your problems. If not, either decrease the complexity of your problems or upgrade your tactics to overcome the tasks better.

Stress is the final warning. You should not even allow things to get so out of hand that you get stressed out. Stress is a challenge to overcome. It is a sign that next time you need to manage your life better well in advance and stay as far away from it as possible.



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