I Never Wanted to Sacrifice All

I never wanted to sacrifice the good times for the sake of one goal. I never wanted to do what I did not enjoy for hours just to get things done. And yes, there is no perfect solution.


Where there are ups there are also downs. The good news is that where there are downs there are also ups, provided that you keep believing in yourself and do not give up.

In India and China, salesmen are very persistent. And that is why they can make lots of sales. Keep pushing and you will get your reward if your method is right.

I think that the prerequisite to life is to live an exciting life. As Tim Ferriss said, The opposite of happiness is not sadness. The opposite of happy is bored. There could be nothing more boring than doing the exact same things over and over again. That is why we should always be open to change.

I have seen many people who even though 10 years has passed, are still doing the exact same things and are very much like they were 10 years before. I also see people who change every few years so much that they seem like a new person after every 2-3 years. So which person is gonna live a more exciting life? The one who is closed to change or the one who is seeking change?


This is where diversifying your life comes in. If you diversify your life and make it rich in different aspects, you will have more change in your life. For example, fishing for 2 hours, jogging for 2 hours, reading for 6 hours is more diverse than just reading for 10 hours straight. If you bore yourself, you will lose your energy. The world does not run on time and money. The world runs on energy. Therefore you should always keep an eye on your energy levels. If you do too much of one thing you are gonna start sacrificing your energy which in the long run will restrict your potential for success.


Balancing different aspects of your life is nothing new. Many people talk about it. The main issue is to keep an eye on how much you are doing of which things and making sure that you balance things properly. Start tweaking your schedule and see how having more fun or having more work might affect you. Image was created and presented by Spacewallpapers.net

Being 100% serious is definitely not my style of living. Some people might study really hard but their body and health are a mess. Not my style. I have always said to myself that I will have lots of fun, do what I enjoy and balance things but to make up for it I will work on the right things and concentrate on them. Perhaps you should search for hidden gems where your effort will give you disproportionate results? And perhaps me personally I should cut off many less important things?

There are many ways to go. But one way I do not like to go is sacrificing everything for one thing. Nevertheless, sometimes there are periods when sacrificing most of the things for one goal is the way to go.

This post is here to say that having fun and not doing only 1 thing is nothing you should feel guilty about. In fact, this post is to say that having fun and doing exciting things is gonna flood you with new fresh energy which will fire up your body for your goals.



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