Virgin Galactic Crashed But Not Gonna Stop Me

My original goal for trading is to have the funds to travel to the Near-Earth Orbit by 2022 or so. One of the options is Virgin galactic. The recent news is that a spaceship crashed and one pilot died.


Nevertheless, it is not gonna stop me. Elon Musk’s recent rocket Falcon 9 also blew up as have many other historic conquerers’ ships sunk and many people died in the pursuit of new frontiers. But this does not mean that Space travel is not gonna get more safe in the long term at all.

Rockets might blow up but this is a part of the learning process as private rocket companies started just recently, so I am not worried about it. And anyway be Near-Earth Orbit and Spaceships as dangerous as they are,  the journey will definitely to be worth the risks if we are talking about 2022.



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