Go Straight to The Source of Information

Information by itself is not important, conclusions are.

There’s tons of information out there and it’s useless without conclusions. And even conclusions are useless unless they are relevant to you. Do not just look for information, look for conclusions.


Whenever I consume information, I try to find the source, the core of the idea. Have you noticed that some people just talk random talk for tens of minutes and never even tell you the conclusion?

Information by itself cannot be applied anywhere in your life, only conclusions are applicable. Problems cannot be solved by more problems. Problems are solved by solutions. But sometimes people tell you conclusions that are just plain wrong. So what can we do?

Whenever you want to achieve something, go straight to the core of it. Go as close to the real thing as you can. It is fear and discomfort that keeps us from facing the real thing. Information is the most accurate at its core. The real Europe is closer to the real thing than a newspaper article about Europe that you read. Playing football or watching football at the stadium is closer to the real thing than watching it on TV.

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Want to earn a living by working only 4 hours per day? Then do not seek advice from people who work 12 hours per day. Go and talk to people who earn a living by working 4 hours per day.

Cannot find any? Then talk to those who make a living working 6 hours per day. They are closer to what you want than people who work 12 hours per day. Fear keeps us avoiding the real thing and we run away from the real thing as far as possible. That is a waste of time, energy and resources.

You do not need an indirect path to the solution, use a direct path and go straight to what you want. If you can’t, keep working on getting as near as possible to the real thing and give it some time because if you keep pushing to get to what you really want, sooner or later you will get closer.


What would the world look like without conclusions? Just some chaos of information without any meaning. It is meaning that makes information important and useful. Meaning makes information live.

Stay as close to what is relevant to you as possible. Stay as far from what is irrelevant to you as possible. Richard Branson says that living on his private island gives him a broader and emotionally detached perspective on world issues. What is relevant to him & what does he do on his island?

He is with his family, enjoys his hobbies like kite surfing, relaxes in an outdoor bath and is integrated in nature. He invites world’s smartest and greatest people to his island which gives him the best perspective on world issues. Why? Because those world-class leaders and smart people are the core. He does not need to know every little detail of what is happening in the world. In fact he can’t.

Talking to the best people he gets the best information available without being emotionally irritated by every little news that happens in the world. He distances himself from events, then communicates with the best sources of events ( great people) and focuses on what is relevant/important to him. It is just rational & simple management of life.

“If you can stay away from a situation you can get a bigger picture”

In the same way, you must address the core of your problems. No, you do not need to eat chocolate with strawberries so that you can concentrate on studying. No, you do not need to check what your friend wrote on twitter so that you can concentrate better.

Focus and address the core underlying problems and many other problems will get taken care of automatically given that you solve the underlying problems instead of eating chocolate.

Seek advice from people. Do not try to solve everything by yourself. Imagine how many years it took for people to discover electricity or invent a computer? How many years would it take you to build a pc from start with no tools? Save yourself time and energy by learning from the right people.

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