The Way to Energize Yourself Through Desire And Sound Management

Can you energize yourself by failing a lot all of the time?

You certainly cannot.


The more things on your plate, the higher the probability that you will have many things failing at the same time. No success for months in a row = loss of hope. How does it feel to lose 100 dollars when you are in deep financial problems? I bet bad. How does it feel to lose the same 100 dollars when you are doing great financially? I bet not as bad. You might not even care.

How does it feel to lose $100 when your health is bad and you feel mentally terrible? If you are already feeling that you are good-for-nothing, losing those $100 dollars will only support your opinion of that you are a loser. How does it feel to lose the same $100 when your health is great and you feel mentally great? You might think: ” Well, looks like I lost $100 but all together I am doing great so whatever.”

You see, it is like a vicious cycle where the more you fail, the more you lose hope. And the more you lose hope, the more you keep failing. It is time to break the vicious cycle and stay away from ‘gloomy’ everything. So what we should do about failure is avoid taking too many new things on at once. What do I mean? I mean that if you just took up trading, do not start learning languages, martial arts and 10 other things from scratch at the same time. Mind that I am not saying against doing many things at once. I am arguing against starting many things at once. Why? Because it usually takes several years to become good at any high level skill and if you start with 10 new skills at once you will fail miserably in all of them for a much longer time period than if you spent all that time you spent on 10 skills for the sake of one skill.

Let us assume that it takes 1 year to become good at each of these 10 skills. To become good at all of them you would need to suck for 10 years until you finally get all the rewards and your confidence in yourself back!! Imagine sucking at everything you do for 10 years and not having success in any of those for 10 damn years? Would you keep moving forward and still have hope if all you do for 10 years is just suck at everything? I think NO! It would be insane to continue sucking for 10 years.IMG_0446

Now imagine taking on only 1 thing (trading), none of the other 9, and becoming good at it in 1 year. Would you get your hope and confidence back? -YES!! We need small accomplishments once in a while or we would lose all hope. That is why the solution is to spread out both the sucking phase and the achievement phase as opposed to sucking for 10 years and then getting a ton of rewards in 10 years. Accomplishments energize. Spread out the accomplishments in an even manner.

Perhaps you know what has energized you well in the past and perhaps you feel tired of doing those exact same things over and over again? There is really no other way than go with the flow and adapt. What had energized you in the past happened in the past. Every moment and situation is unique and by now you have a new situation and in this current new situation you have new activities that energize you.

Think and try new stuff out. Perhaps you know what energizes you but it always takes too much time and hustle? There is no shortcut. If you do not energize yourself you cannot work on things. But mind that doing things, making small accomplishments and finishing things energizes you as well. It is not only about gathering energy and then spending it. Sometimes spending the energy creates more energy.f0005935_1372250

Perhaps you know what energizes you but you tend to become addicted to having fun and in the end spend too much time doing it?

Doing what you enjoy is addictive. It is just human psychology. We try to do as much as possible of what we enjoy and as little as possible of what we do not enjoy. Secondly, without goals and stimulus we tend to be lazy and look for easy ways out. What could you expect? Without desire you would not even move your butt to stand up from a chair. Desires are what make us live and take action.

To change your life & reality, you have to overcome your own psychology and trick your mind into doing what is right. You must first form useful desires and then correct them every now and then. Without desires for your goals you will not even move your finger to do anything. The solution: The first step is to create the right desires and then make doing what you must do as enjoyable as possible.

What are the right desires? Correct desires are the ones that will pull your progress closer to your goal every month in a holistic manner. Correct desires are the ones that are guaranteed to give you desired results over 5-10 years. For example, in case of trading, the correct desire would be: “I want to be as profitable as I can over time. I will take a holistic approach and make sure that everything in my life is running smoothly while I trade.” A wrong desire would be: ” I want to win as much as I can today. I will not take a shower, I will not eat breakfast, I will skip everything else and trade every minute possible.” In the long run this approach is ineffective because as soon as you start to stink, as soon as your body runs out of calorie fuel and as soon as the things you avoided will start throwing stones at you, your life will get out of hand and your trading will suffer a big hit.

Remember, every problem grows into more problems. Some things in life just cannot be ignored and have to get done. Quick rush is not a fix. Quick rush is an illusion and it will de-energize you over time. In the long run a holistic approach is the optimal approach for you.


It is not only that we tend to do what is enjoyable, but we also tend to live our days in patterns and routines. Desire is a powerful force of energy. It has the power to break and crush the negative patterns of obsolete behavior that you have been struggling with in the past. Desire has the power to override old patterns of behavior, attachment and addictions. This is why desire is the success 101. Strong desire is a prerequisite to accomplishing goals because it will tame your old lazy you into a new stronger you.

Desire is not something you are born with. Desire is grown just like knowledge is or how vegetables are grown in a garden. Work on growing your core desire. It will energize you and pump you up with the energy necessary for tackling problems.

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