A Morning Shot & A Quick Start To Your Day!

You open your eyes and wake up.

You feel drowsy and your mind is far from clear.

What do you do?


Small Breakfast

If you just woke up and had your last meal 6-10 hours ago then that’s a pretty long time and you might lack water and organic nutrients. Is the coffee cup gonna do it? I think no. Coffee doesn’t provide you with nutrients nor energy and if you lack them already then there is no other way for you than to get these nutrients as fast as you can. Hence, you should eat your first small breakfast as soon as possible. It might take as much as 30-90 minutes for those nutrients to kick in and increase your energy levels, which is why if you truly want to have a quick start to your trading day you should eat it as soon as possible.  If you delay your breakfast, you will delay your energy too.


Breakfast is not supposed to be the biggest meal of the day. I actually know that small meals more frequently work better for me because really big meals make me tired and sleepy for even as long as an hour. And if you want your meal to energize you, you better make sure that you don’t overeat because that will beat the purpose. Obviously, to make sure that you actually eat the first small meal as fast as possible you must make sure that you prepared your small meal the night before and are physically able to eat in the morning. It might be as little as an apple or a sandwich. You can always eat your second breakfast in 1-2 hours if you still feel hungry.

The point is to:

  • Wake up fast and not lay in bed for minutes.
  • Eat the breakfast as fast as possible.
  • Have the nutrients and water enter your system and kick in as fast as possible.
  • Have a breakfast that is very small so that it energizes you instead of making you tired.
  • Have a second breakfast if you are still hungry in 1-2 hours.

If you have cleared the breakfast issue now you can start doing other things. Remember, caffeine does not kick in for about 15 minutes and that is why coffee or tea is not the fastest way to start a day. If you count in stuff like boiling the water it might take as much as 25 minutes all together.

The Japanese Monkeys Know It But Did You Know It?

I always shower the very first thing in the morning.

Why? Because it wakes me up fast.

After waking up your body & mind have been resting very comfortably for the last 6-10 hours and are pretty lazy about taking action. So how do we make your mind & body take action fast? We shock the nervous system!

In the start of this video Tony Robbins talks about how he shocks his nervous system right away after waking up so that he can have a quick start to his day.


One procedure that I have tried as a way of shocking the nervous system in the morning is:

  1. Going to a hot spring.
  2. Climbing into an outdoor hot water tube.
  3. Soaking in a cold-bath.
  4. Climbing into a Denkiburo ( Japanese ‘electricity bath.’ Link: Shocking baths of Japan).hot-springs-109403

All finished in 45 minutes, including the washing part. I think that 5 minutes for every microprocedure is enough: 5 minutes in a hot water tub & 5 minutes in a cold water tub. Again, overdo it and you will feel drowsy, overrelaxed and tired so be careful!! Experiment and see what works and what is the most time-efficient. Find your style.

The point of this process is to alternate between ultra cold and ultra hot temperatures so that your body gets a small shock/buzz fast early in the morning so that your energy can boost from 0 to 100%.

Some other possible ways of shocking your nervous system include:

  • Sauna
  • Ice bath
  • Cryotherapy/ Cryosauna.

Muscles & Heart


What if right after waking up you put on your running clothes and running shoes, and went running for just 10 minutes? Just 10 minutes of running before taking a shower! Does this sound possible? You could even set a timer so that you run only for 10 minutes! It certainly doesn’t take much time, nor will a 10 minute run over-exhaust you and its all before showering anyway! Now that’s a time-efficient way to quick-start a day! It will pump your heart, circulate your blood and shock your muscles!

If not, how about doing 30 push-ups right after getting out of bed? Sounds reasonable as well although mentally difficult to do with relaxed muscles!

You can experiment with the order of things and the mix of your morning routine to see what you can do and what works for you!


My trading teacher, Chris Capre, does Yoga and Meditation in the morning due to many benefits. What is the benefit of doing yoga & meditation in the morning???????????????????????????????????

Stretching the muscles makes your body feel good and ensures that your body doesn’t feel like crap for the rest of the day. That is why doing yoga in the morning is effective: Makes you feel wonderful, which increases your energy and it ensures that you keep feeling good for the rest of the day with a good posture as a bonus.

Meditation in the morning is also helpful for getting our distracted minds right and for thinking clear. For meditation I use earplugs and a sleep eye mask because I try to get rid of all the distractions when meditating. Meditation is for me a practice of clearing my mind and I personally like to think about my daily plans with my eyes closed. Making plans for the day without distractions is a powerful way of starting the day! Meditation is also a way to reorganize your mind like you would reorganize your room!


Making plans for the day in the morning is a way of quick-starting a productive day without distractions and questions! If you decide your plans in the morning you will not have to question yourself for the day and you will be able to do things faster due to increased clarity in your mind.

To sum it up, there are many ways to start the day quick and doing everything might take as much as 2-3 hours but I really recommend to at least put together these 3 things:

  • Having a small breakfast as early as possible.
  • Doing some nervous-system shocking practice.
  • Doing some planning for the day or meditation to think things through.


This is a post from the Self-Control Bootcamp section.

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