Dec 29, 2014 USDJPY Trades



Here is my USDJPY trade for 91.5 pips, with a roughly 50 pip stop, so I am a bit shy of 1:2 RR. The original target plan was 124 but I didn’t like it how price was leaning down so I closed the trade. Depending on the scenario I might get long again @ 120 but we will see whether the bears will keep going down or not.

Update: USDJPY 15 min.


Bought at 120.25 near support 120.20. Stop isn’t the most efficient one. Should have put a pending order in at support but oh well… Target I will decide later, depending on how the price moves. it might be 120.8 or it might be as high as 124. In either case, if it goes in my favor I should get at least 2 R. Update: Closed it early for +2 pips.

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