Create Something From Nothing! Make The Most Of Limited Resources

Whenever you feel driven into a corner in your life, whenever you are stuck and do not know how to get out, you need to take very carefully planned steps to get out of the mess.

Being driven into a corner means being stuck in an unfavorable situation and having no hope of getting out of it. It means that there seems to be no plan B.

Or maybe there is!??Jack-Fusco-Lake-Minnewanka-Star-Trails

The First Step

Be aware of what situation you are in. The first step to getting out of any situation is to be 100% sure of what situation you are in. Do you have any deadlines? How much time do you have left? If there are many deadlines, focus on the tasks the deadlines of which are the closest! Start from there! Finish every task!

Focusing on deadlines is important because you cannot turn the clock back! There are many things that you can get back in life but one thing you will never get back is time! If you are short on time, you are doomed. If you are short on money or short on health, you can still do something about it later on but you will never get your time back!

If your back is against the wall, then there is no more room for laziness, and no more room for lack of discipline. Also, it is definitely not the right time to be enjoying your life and throwing big parties at your house! You have work to do.


What resources do you have? Money? Time? Social connections? Ideas? Energy? Friends? Supportive family? Knowledge about something?

What kind of a social network do you have? Do you know many people from different ages or different backgrounds? What if you interviewed them? What if you made them answer to a survey? What if you made statistics on them? What if you made use of the social connections that you have!? What if you used the social network you have to come up with a project or a solution?

What is your character like as a person?

  • Are you good at following orders and doing what others say?
  • Are you good at being independent?
  • Are you a creative person who likes to build and make things?
  • Do you enjoy working alone?
  • Do you enjoy working with many people?
  • Does a lively environment stimulate you?
  • Does a lively environment distract you?
  • Are you good at planning things?
  • Are you bad at planning things but good at getting the planned things done?
  • Are you bad at finishing things?
  • Do you have intrinsic motivation or do you need somebody to motivate you and keep you in check?

What are your strengths? Make sure that you use every strength of yours as much as possible, whenever possible. Make sure that no strength of yours goes to waste without any application.

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Limited Resources

Use and invest the resources & strengths that you have! Make the most of the resources that you have!

What makes one a great CEO? If resources were the same, would all CEOs perform the same? No. It is said that the best CEO’s are the ones who maximize the limited resources of the company to have the biggest outcome possible! Why can’t you do the same by using all the skills, knowledge, resources, social connections and help from friends that you have available to you?

Resources might be the the same, but the way you can use them may be very different. By using your resources to their fullest and by changing the way you use your resources you can transform the results completely!Screen-Shot-2014-12-15-at-13.34.44

If a professional artist were handed the exact same pencils that an amateur artist were, would the outcome be the same for both of them? No. A professional artist would draw a much better picture with the exact same pencils that an amateur artist had. The difference was not in resources. What made the difference was in the way of using those same resources.


After you know what situation you are in and what resources you have, you can start developing a plan for solving problems bit by bit. Mind that you will not have the whole plan in the blink of an eye! Whenever you know something you gotta do – just do it asap! Only after you have finished the known tasks can you start working on finding out what else you should do. Very often I find new things that I should do only after I have completed the tasks that I already know.


The way to make the most of your resources is to start connecting things with each other!

Perhaps you know that you are good at coming up with creative ideas? Cool! Perhaps you know a programmer guy and a marketer guy? Cool! Perhaps they are people who you could team up with to come up with a cool project!? If yes, COOL! Same you, same programmer, same marketer- but what a difference! You just connected the people and your ideas to come up with a common project! That’s what a difference it makes!

This is the logic of how creating something from nothing works! Understand the logic and you can apply it anywhere! It might seem like there is nothing until you find out that actually there is something! Actually there is always places to grow things from! You just need to connect the dots and come up with a clear and understandable single solution.

The Perfectionist Checklist! Did You Check These 5? 

  1. Did you use all your resources available to their fullest?
  2. Did you use your time to its fullest?
  3. Is there any resource that you did not make use of?
  4. Did you connect your resources such as social connections with each other?
  5. Did you interconnect many very different things to come up with a single solution?

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