Weak-Minded Vs. Strong-Minded People

​I just watched many episodes of Star-Wars and Yoda and Obi-Wan said that the force has a strong influence on the weak- minded people.

Then who are weak-minded people and who are strong-minded people?

By definition of star wars, strong minded people are those who have a strong belief in that anything is possible and do not give up. the weak-minded people are those who have a weak belief of what is possible, give up fast and are pessimistic.

If force (influence) is strong when used on weak-minded people, they break down fast, it is said. They cannot resist temptation and lack consistency in their decisions and actions. Are swayed easily.

If that is so, then weak- minded people would be the ones who are flexible and respond to change and influence. Strong-minded people would do things their way no matter what but weak-minded people would be more open to change, responsive and adaptive in nature.

Strong-minded people would try to keep everything under control but weak-minded people would understand that they cannot control everything and would give up trying to control everything and therefore avoid emotional burnout.

What do you guys think is the difference between strong- minded and weak-minded people?

Do you really think that being stagnant, conservative, making lots of sacrifices for one thing, and being non flexible in your decisions makes and cultivates a strong mind?

Does being strong-minded mean to be blind to change and sticking to your plan no matter the outer circumstances screaming at you that you are wrong and that you should revise your approach?

Do you think that being flexible, adaptive, inconsistent means having a weak mind?

Do you think that having a strong mind is not always the best because a strong mind and a strong ego mean less adaptability to novel circumstances, openness to experience and less flexibility?

Or do you think that the issue of whether you have a weak or a strong mind by itself is essentially an irrelevant question?

In Star Wars, Anakin has a strong belief. He believes he can achieve anything. And by this definition he has a strong mind. On the other side, Anakin lacks patience, consistency and flexibility and by this definition he has a weak mind.

This is a post from the Self-Control Bootcamp section.

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