Life Without Glasses

Imagine your vision being blurred and then putting on glasses and seeing things clearly.

How does it feel?

It feels like clarity.


This is the exact same effect as what being deeply aware of everything that concerns you has on you.

Are you aware of the schedule that you have ahead of you?

Are you aware of what skills, resources and problems you have?



The first step to clarity is eliminating the noise. It comes with trade-offs and sacrifice.


After eliminating the noise you now feel like you got rid of a heavy burden. Now you see things a bit more clearly.

Now all you have left is the things that are yet to be organized. Structure these things in a way that saves & wins you more time.


Now that you dumped the burden, eliminated the noise, and organized what was left, you can finally concentrate on what matters.


Now that you can concentrate, find what matters the most and incorporate the most important things into your schedule. What about the rest? Save those for later.


After filtering everything excess out and finally concentrating on the core things, you finally have the very essence of your life in your hands.


Taking Action

After having the very core tasks in your hands, you can now start taking action. You have confidence in your decisions and actions because the thinking process is over. All that has been left to you is going forward full power.

Clarity is power.



This is a post from The Self-Control Bootcamp.

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