Plant Seeds To Mold Your Future!

This Post is on how to figure out where you are heading in life, and on how to adjust the direction that your life is taking by planting some seeds.


Your Life’s Trajectory

Which direction are you going in with your life?

If you look at the things that you did in the last 365 days, then what direction would your life logically take in 5 years, or in 10 years?

Are you heading in a good direction or a bad direction?


If you kept living every year the same way you lived your last 365 days, would you still achieve your goals?

If not, you need to change a lot of things now.

You see, every day you live you are always working on something. Even if it is bad things that you are working on you are still working on them and are supporting them becoming a reality.

There is no hour spent that doesn’t matter. Think about this: If you are driving a car and you turn your steering wheel 1mm to the right side, will it not matter? Eventually it will. Drive 100 km forwards and you will end up in different places. Therefore, reality is very responsive to your actions. Even small actions done each day will matter if you give them enough time. You cannot hide anything.

So, you see, you are supporting things happening even if they are not what you want to achieve!

As a person who wants to achieve personal dreams you are applying pressure to the outside world.

In other words, in essence, the outside world is your enemy.


What you are trying to do is to ‘mold the world’ to make your dreams fit inside of it.

Applying pressure to the resistance is exactly how flowers can grow through pavement. You would think it is impossible and yet if enough pressure is applied then it can be done. To put it in other words, you will succeed when the power of the pressure that you apply overcomes the power of the resistance that is standing in your way.


There are many trajectories possible. The question is whether it is the trajectory you want?

Or are you on a trajectory that you do not want?



Barney Moss Trajectory 3


The bottom line is that if you don’t take control of your trajectory, anything can happen.

If you don’t change something now, then your life trajectory will not change. It will stay the same. If you don’t interfere, then things will proceed with the same trajectory as your last 365 days. Is that fine with you or is there anything you see can be adjusted?







y mantas j photography


Look at this picture. If the moon was your goal and you kept doing the things you have been doing for the past 365 days, would you miss the moon?

Or would you reach the moon?




Every Day Matters

Look at how many days you have in one year: 365!

If every day you spent 1 hour more on working on your goals, by the end of each year you would add additional 365 hours of goal progress!

When you think about today or tomorrow, they seem quite insignificant?

But in the big picture each day makes a staggering difference.

This is how many days you have in one year!


What if every day of those days you waste time on unproductive habits? What will be the outcome?

But what if you spent every day of those 365 days on productive habits?

The difference between the two would get very big!


So how do you find whether you are on track?

Lily Seeds By Manjith Kainickara

You have to look at what you have been doing in the past year.

  • What good productive things did you do in the past year?
  • What unproductive things did you do in the last 365 days?
  • How can you improve the productivity of the time you spend?
  • Is there anything you should stop doing?
  • Is there anything you should start doing?
  • What seeds can you plant now?

How can you know everything you were doing in the past year if you didn’t write all down? First of all, I recommend you to use Google calendar to log in each day’s tasks so that in 365 days you can have a good outlook on what you did the year before. Of course, everything is not going to be in your calendar so we have to write those down as well.

Write everything you did in the past 365 days down in the TradingCave Improvement List. You can use the file for analyzing your life and if you want you can send it to me at SpacePip.TradingCave( at ) and I will review it. Your choice.


The Options You Have

So now you have these 2 choices:

1 st Option: If you are confident in the course your life is taking you can proceed with the same trajectory. (However, I am sure that there is always room for improvement!)

2nd Option: To change your trajectory and increase your chances of hitting your target.

If you choose to change your trajectory then you have these 2 options:

  1. To get rid of negative/unproductive habits.
  2. To install new habits and start working on new things.

Think of it like this: Your life consists of 100 lego blocks. Each lego block represents a task that you do.



You can add up to 100 lego blocks together and you can change a green block for a yellow one. You can be creative. If you think that a red block is better than a blue block you can just change a worse block for a better one! In the same way, you can build your life. You can replace bad tasks with good tasks. Or replace good tasks with even better tasks – it is all up to you!


Getting Rid Of Less Useful Habits

Hey! Why would you ever want to get rid of less useful habits?


  • ‘Habits of no use’ keep you from performing at your maximum efficiency. This means that you are not performing at your full capacity and are therefore not utilising your full potential. And that is a waste! By wasting resources on useless tasks you are giving away your precious time to things that bring you no reward. You are essentially not using your time to its fullest! And you should!
  • Habits/tasks that are not useful can be a drag to your progress. Not only will they make you achieve your goal slower than is optimal but they will also make you lose hope & motivation because of the slow pace of progress. The longer it takes you to accomplish your goal, the greater the risk of you losing hope in yourself. Keep your dreams alive!

If you replace less useful habits with very useful habits this could make a difference between you achieving your goal in 11 years and achieving it in 10 years. For smaller goals it might be the difference between your business making money in 4 years and it making money in 3 years! Now this would be a big difference! Reaching your goals 1 year faster would mean that you can enjoy the rewards 1 year earlier. It also means that you can start working on your next goals 1 year earlier. And that is a significant difference as well! It saves you a year of time! And you can do much in 1 year.

There are more or less 3 types of less useful habits:

  1. The worst habits and tasks are the ones that are a drag to your goal. The tasks that keep slowing you down.
  2. The second worst kind of tasks are the ones that are just a waste of time and are useless/pointless. The ones that have no meaning whatsoever. They are clutter.
  3. The least useless are the habits that are useful, but can be replaced with even better habits. If things can be done better, then we should still consider replacing them with even better tasks/habits. If there is room for improvement, then things should always be improved until they cannot be improved any further.

Planting New Seeds

River-Oats,-face_2012-08-02-16.42.58-ZS-PMax By USGS Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab

If you have decided to plant new “seeds”, then we should explore what kind of “seeds” you can plant. What I would define a “seed” to be is something that is a small snowball that you put rolling down a mountain and as a result of time will grow into something big and useful. It is a “seed” that over time will grow itself into a big tree with fruits of disproportional benefit! It sounds like magic. The goal of it is to grow ‘nothing’ into ‘something’.

First of all, to know which “seeds” to consider, we should look at the areas of human life to understand what makes up your life. The things without which you almost cannot exist in today’s world.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Brain
  • Moving Physically
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Money
  • Human Relationships
  • Transport
  • Language
  • Citizenship
  • Sufficient outdoor/indoor temperature
  • Skills
  • Creativity
  • Health

Out of these areas above, which ones are the ones that you want to improve? Which ones are the ones that you choose not to improve? Look at your weaknesses. You might want to take care of them to create a balanced version of yourself. Some weaknesses keep being a drag on our progress and slow us down. And if we take care of our weaknesses it might increase our pace of progress a lot! You can write these in the TradingCave Improvement List.

Screenshot of the Attached Improvement List


Participate in this improvement survey! Participation leads to engagement, awareness and clarity!


Whoever you are, you are investing your time into something. And as you are doing that, you want to make sure that you get the best possible rewards for your effort.

So, install new skills, habits and increase the value of yourself as a person!


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