Hacking Focus: No Discipline, All Momentum

No Such Thing


My approach to discipline is that the word ‘discipline’ itself is a distraction. Using this word is not helpful at all, and creates a brick wall in front of you. So I say, fuck discipline.

There is no such thing as ‘discipline’ and ‘no discipline.’

There are only habits, skills and patterns of behavior that you are used to. And perhaps more than that.

‘Discipline’ creates a mental block. It is something that you hate. Everybody hates discipline. Discipline is negative motivation that comes from the outside. But it tells nothing about why something is worth doing.


Literary Focus by David

A Better Substitute To Discipline

Instead, I say focus on starting slow and gradually building momentum. Momentum is key to increasingly consistent action. The bottom line of momentum is that the more you do of something, the more you will do of it later. Momentum is positive and requires less effort. Discipline means ‘resisting’ your impulses. For how long can you resist? When the time finally comes, you will break down and break down bad at that! It is the ” do it or go home” mentality.

In a world where everything goes perfectly, ‘discipline’ is applicable but it does not have flexibility nor does it have a safety net for the unexpected. I mean, how many of you who have read about ‘discipline’ have actually become more disciplined as a direct result of that?? It just does not work.


Goal-Specific Brainwashing

Brainwashing and building momentum work much better. Desires work much better. Even fears work better. Brainwashing means tricking your brain into thinking a certain way ( even if it is not true) so that you develop beliefs specific to your goal. They do not have to be ‘the truth.’ You just have to have the way of thinking that your goal demands from you.

Can you succeed in work if every day all you think about is that work sucks? Is it possible to succeed in anything while thinking like that? You will avoid work every time you get the opportunity to avoid it. You will try to get away from it. If you truly think that work sucks then you have to make life decisions based on that and be done with the thinking.

Brainwashing also means installing desires that will pull you towards your goals like a magnet. Like a MAGNET. As a result of Brainwashing you will slowly build momentum which will lead you to success and focus.

Learn more about brainwashing in the Brainwashing Lab section.


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