You’ll Be Late If You Think About Today

This post is about adapting to the constantly evolving world, about making smart and timely bets in life, and about never getting caught off-guard due to lagging behind.



By the time you achieve your goals, the world will have changed. By the time you master what you are just starting with now, the world will have changed.

You will be living in a new world.


Be careful about what you choose to start with because what if it doesn’t even have a future? And, by the time you achieve your goal you might not even care about the rewards from it.

Being Late

What if you were a superior keeper of horses, only to find out that horses are about to get replaced with cars far more superior in speed and comfort? Your life would get crushed. SMASHED.

What if you were a hunter, only to find out that you are about to get replaced with industrial farming? You would go broke.

What if you were making a living cleaning chimneys, only to find out that people stopped using chimneys? Your kind of people would go extinct. Your skills too.


If you look at this innovation cycle, the last person you wanna be is the laggard. Your best chance to become a laggard? – To only think of the past or the present.

Past is your enemy. Every second that you think of the past you are saying “no” to your future.

What if you spent 10 years learning a language to live in a country, only to find out that it’s economy is collapsing and the country will soon not be suitable for living in? You miscalculated something and screwed up BIG.

Does it mean that there are no people making money with horse business? No. Does it mean that there are no hunters making a living? No. Does it mean that nobody cleans the chimneys anymore even if there are houses with chimneys? No.

Then what? It means that if you only think about the past and present, then do not expect the low-hanging fruit. It is like trading against the trend. Easy catch is where the crowd goes. If you go the other way, do not even expect to find anything. And to get extraordinary results you need to maximize your edge by every tiny bit possible.

Being Early

Take up a thing too far of the future and you will be too early. If you are too early, you will turn into a mere dreamer of the far future. What if you learned the Esperanto language, later finding out that nobody actually started to use it?

It would learn that you threw away your precious time. Time is a non-renewable resource.

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This logic of life is the same as the logic in trading. Open a trade too late or too early and you are doomed. The timing has to be perfect.

They say that we already have the technology to go to Mars. A 70 year old person dreaming of going there and a 10 year old kid dreaming of going to Mars is a totally different thing. The chance of a 10 year old kid going to Mars eventually is far greater than a 70 year old person who does not have many years left.


Being Right On Spot

The key to being right on time lies in not being too late but not being too early either. For one thing, rather than looking at what exists today, you had better be looking at things that are in the early stages of development right now, and are logically promising.

Does it take a genius to figure out that robotics will be big in this century? Do you need to be a space geek to understand that space development will be big in the future? No…

Golden People love Gold Jewelry Robots by epSos .de

Give the world enough time and the societal norms that do not make sense, rules that do not make sense and ways of thinking that are dumb will all eventually fall away.

Things that do not make sense are not robust and will therefore be forgotten. It is so because the world constantly applies immense pressure on the human society. And only the best ideas, only the best customs, only the best tools, only the best rules and only the best people are the ones who are robust enough to withstand the pressure in the long term.

Some fields that I personally think have a place in the future:

  • Space
  • Robotics
  • IOT
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Personalized/custom everything
  • Automation
  • Entheogens
  • Energy
  • Psychology

Last Words

You might not like the future. You might not like the future technologies, the way things are evolving or what the world will be like in the future. But the fact is that to be a leader in the future you have to be “of the future.” The faster you start to improve your mindset to become more “in tune with the future”, the higher the chance that you will become a person “of the future.” Think of the difference between children and their grandparents: Children are fascinated by “the new” while their grandparents are closed to “the new” and are conservative. They hate whatever is “new.”

Do not grow into people like them who are closed to the future.

This is a post from the Dream Lab section.

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