Mind Traps: Mental & Psychological Riddles


The Biggest mind traps are challenges and questions. All sorts of inner conflicts, complexes and personal preferences add fuel to the confusion. Let us explorer some of these mind traps that make your brain go crazy and overheat. These difficult psychological questions are the main drivers for the confusion and uncertainty that you have in life. If you cannot conquer these difficult questions, you psychology will keep breaking down and you will not be able to move forward in life until you define and solve these traps.

These are very difficult questions but you really must come up with answers to these questions as they are the ‘invisible’ psychological obstacles that are difficult to notice. The main problem is getting over mental obstacles fast. We all get over them eventually? But the trick is in getting over them fast. Otherwise what is the meaning of this post?

Good luck!

Psychological Questions

Here is some spice that fuels psychological inner conflicts and dillemma. They might seem to be philosophical questions at first but are really mirrors that reveal your psychology to you.

The Twingl Mind By Andy Wilkinson

Why is it so difficult to live a 100% happy life that is without worry, stress or fear?

Because each situation in life is unique. Your car tire bursting during a free weekend is emotionally not the same as your car tire bursting just before an important meeting. Nor is it the same as your car tire bursting during a very fun trip. It just is not the same and therefore each situation is unique. This means that there is pretty much an infinite amount of situations that can cause negative feelings as well. This is why you are vulnerable to negative incidents and your human body is set up to react to those situations in a certain way. Bodily functions are automatic and patterns of behavior are often predictable.

Are things really the way I think they are? Is there anything happening behind the curtain?

The best you can do, really, is to look for clues or ask questions from people. Otherwise, the only two choices are to either to just wait or keep moving forward. If your psychology keeps breaking down at the same points over and over, you can decide that each time something certain happens, you react in a fixed way. This keeps it simple, but you cannot predict the consequences. Sometimes you have to think to overcome this, other times no matter how much you think you will not see what is really happening behind the curtain. Problems cannot be solved at the same level on which they were created (Einstein). This means that for problems to be solved, something has to change. Sometimes, the thing that has to change is time. Time has to pass.

berendbotje54. maze (Sienna)

Is my hard work really worth it and the rewards what I really want or is my imagination just an illusion?

You cannot change the whole world but what you CAN do is to make sure that you choose the things that are sure to give you at least some rewards. The more rewards you can think of, the greater the chance that you will get at least some of the rewards. Your imagination might be an illusion but it is 100% sure to never become a reality unless you do your best to manifest it. You cannot change the whole world but you can change the way you are positioned in the world. Strive to be on the winning side, not the losing side.

Who can I trust?

You can trust those who have proven that they can be trusted. There are two things to think about: The person and your relationship to that person. If a person can be trusted based on his abilities but your relationship with that person is not that strong, can he be trusted for sure? Not necessarily. Also, if your relationship to a person is very strong but that person lacks the abilities to execute a task responsibly you are totally looking at the wrong person. Outward circumstances are something that will be out of your and that person’s control as well and can be considered to be a risk.

What to take into consideration:

  1. Your relationship with a person.
  2. Whether the person has the abilities to fulfill something.
  3. Unpredictable external circumstances.
James Nash. A-maze-ing Munny (front)
If we judge people too much, will we just end up in our own restricted worlds? But then again, if we don’t judge them we will just get tricked and waste our time?

Yes to both. Too much of anything is just what it is: TOO MUCH. The question is about where is the line when somebody went too far? You have to decide that line for yourself and only be careful and judging once somebody crosses the line. However, very often even the smallest clues give a good prediction about what kind of a person somebody is. Also, whenever you feel that somebody went over the line, ask them: ” My interpretation is that your intentions were X, is that so?”. Sometimes I find that my interpretation was totally wrong and this puzzles my mind even more.

Judging things from one single perspective/dimension does not give a holistic representation. How to judge things when having to choose one thing or another?

You cannot judge everything from every perspective possible. Decide 5-10 main factors you judge things by and forget the rest. This ensures that you nail down at least something. Make sure that you are deeply aware of the parameters you judge things by.

Is there any more thinking for me to do or should I stop thinking and start taking action?

Unless you are on autopilot and do things unconsciously, every action is gonna be preceded by some form of thinking. Things to remember: You should stop thinking when thinking is no longer useful. You should stop taking action when it is no longer useful.

In trading, price looks like it will go down but at the same time looks like it will go up as well.

That is an immature way of looking at charts. Do not ask: “up or down?” but ask: ” How?” Decide what your reaction to that ” How?” is. That is the real food for thought.

Robson#. Spiral Maze

Am I doing the right things?

I have the same question? Are you? Am I? Historically, you can say that you are doing the right things if you do not regret your journey. It is the easiest to understand it in hindsight.

In the meantime, if you chose to do things, your priority has to be in making the things that you have decided to do to turn out to be the ‘right things’. Success will make all your things right.

Are things really going as bad or as good as I think they are?

If you are judging whether things are going well, it means that you are either worried or evaluating yourself. If you are worried and there is nothing to do about it, just focus on other things until you get the reply/feedback. If you are evaluating yourself you should evaluate what your top priorities should have been and whether you allocated your time on the main priorities wisely.

Keep in mind, even if things are going bad, this will still open up new opportunities to you. You will just have to shift your mindset and approach to life and success. Maybe what you expected to work did not work and now you need to accept it and make the necessary radical changes. Think about the worst case scenario and what you would do if that was the case. Stressful periods in life are normal if you are trying to do several things at the same time and trying to somehow make it work besides school & work. If you are pushing yourself to do the very difficult, there is going to be difficult times as expected. If you are doing difficult things, keep it in mind that you are doing difficult things and that immense challenges are going to happen for sure. The harder it gets, the crazier it gets. You might even cry or lose sleep because of it.

Can my past success be replicated? Is it indicative of my potential to succeed?

Your life has changed. What you have been left with is principles that worked. The principles that were the core part of your success will be useful. Having succeeded once means more courage and belief. That’s about it. It is up to you to prove what is true.

webtreats.Webtreats Seamless Retro Grunge Abstract Maze Textures 2310-v3-9

Did I make the best decision I could in those circumstances?

Well, first of all, I congratulate that you even made a decision. Sometimes making a decision itself is more important than making the ‘right’ decision. If you want to move forward fast, you need to take action fast. And if you are stuck without the ability to decide you cannot take action fast. It is true that some decisions have fundamental consequences and by thinking about making the right decision you are doing the right thing.

 Why am I unable to make a decision?

Probably because your brain is confused because of the chaos in your mind. You probably have lots of input coming in and you are lost inside of that chaos. Try to pick about 3 most important matters, and refuse to think about the rest. Then, think deeply about those 3.

How to deal with it when you have to sacrifice precious things for the sake of your goal? How to overcome the emotional pain and attachment?

Accept the fact and work on other things. Do not look back. The easiest way to accept something is to ingrain it in your brain by telling about it to everyone. To as many people as you can. The easiest way to sacrifice something is to just forget about it. And the way you do that is by focusing on other things massively so that your emotions never have the chance to bewilder and seduce you. As long as your life is getting better in whole, you are fine. In fact, your life improving as a whole is more important than improvement in any single aspect of your life. Remember, that if the overall flow and quality of your life is increasing then you are improving as a person.

How to adapt to a rapid U-turn change and be in total control when having to make many fast decisions in the opposite direction?

The answer is preparation. If you have prepared for a rapid and complete change and prepared to go with a decision, no matter which decision it is, you are going to have a faster/smoother transition. To be in total control even when having to make fast and important decisions you have to have clarity in your mind in either case.

How to take quick action but also calm down fast from that?

Set a place and a routine of relaxing and letting go. Make relaxation and calming down a habit tied to some events. Find some hints that tell you it is time to relax and then do it.

Credit: Haroon Bux .Starry Night

Is it better to communicate and express oneself as much as possible or save time and communicate as little as possible when it comes to people?

Choose those who you will have deep long conversations with, and choose those you definitely will not have those with.

When to lie and when to tell the truth? How much should be revealed?

What matters is consequences (including psychological consequences) of going with one or another. It also matters what your principles are.

When to help others and when to be selfish and go deep into oneself?

It is best to be selfish and go deep into yourself at times when even if you try to help others, you will still not be able to help them as much as needed when you think about it sincerely. It is best to help others after your things have settled down and you have a period of calm and peace. Going out of your way to help people when you have not got your stuff together and your life is a mess will not help neither you nor them. Be true to yourself and to other people.

Stuart Richards. Arm Of The Monkey Puzzle

Is perfection important or is it better to take even mediocre action?

 Depends on the case. For (Top 5) important things I will go for quality, for the rest I will go for low quality and high quantity. Taking mediocre action can be very important at times.

How to stimulate yourself and get inspired, and how to concentrate on one thing and make the process itself your only motivation?

Usually the reason why we do not concentrate on one thing is because we let ourselves get distracted easily and avoid it on purpose. Think about this: If you have 100 things that you must do next month and one of them is something you do not like doing or are afraid of, will you do it? Unless something happens, you will probably keep avoiding what you do not like.

How to keep the long term, mid term and short term perspectives aligned with each other without conflicts and friction?

The more things you have on your plate, the harder it is to deal with this conflict. The easiest is to not have much stuff that you have to deal with in the first place. If you do that it will usually be less conflicts between those perspectives. Every once in a while I will take a few month break to concentrate on the long term things, and also I take breaks to concentrate on short term matters. I usually switch those perspectives, giving a few months to each. Usually it means that when I focus on short term things, I do just the minimum needed for long term things and vice versa.

When am I working too hard and when am I being overly relaxed/lazy?

You are working too hard when your life gets out of control and bad things starts to happen to things that you do not focus on. You are too relaxed/lazy when you are in deep trouble but are avoiding dealing with the problems that can affect the next 1-3 years of your life despite the fact that you are in trouble.

When should I have a break and what is a break mentally anyway?

Break means not doing something. Mentally it means focusing on a totally different aspect of your life. It helps to fight with boredom. You should have a break after each few year ‘stage’ of your life and a small break whenever you have accomplished a milestone.

How to organize a big mess into clear structure?

The answer is in this post: Life Without Glasses

Did I go too extreme/radical/overboard with any decisions that I made? How to determine it?

Chances are that you went overboard if you made a radical decision too fast without much thinking. If you make a radical decision but there is a lot of thought and reasoning behind it, you are doing it fine. Just keep in mind that whenever you make radical decisions out of too much confusion you possibly went too far.

What is the difference between intuition and temporary emotional excitement?

Temporary emotional excitement comes from external influence and inspiration. Intuition comes from experience and inner programming.

When should I meditate and think alone and when should I ask for advice or search for new external information?

You should meditate and think deep when your life has gotten too complicated. You should ask for advice when your life has become too simple.

Some entertainment:

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu martial arts, if the opponent can crush your mind, the opponent has already defeated you. Done. You lost the fight. Just like that. This is why it is very important to have strong mind psychology if you want to succeed in life. Watch this video from 8 minutes.

PS! If you have any other psychological questions then feel free to leave it in the comments.

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