Dubai: On Mindset & What Wealth Can Do

This is a post on how United Arab Emirates transformed itself, on what it has transformed itself into, and on what you can learn from it to transform your life too. The purpose of this post is to inspire and to create a vision inside of you so that you can set a new standard for your mindset.

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About a week ago I just came back from Dubai, a city located in United Arab Emirates.

What does Dubai have to do with you who wants to trade your current reality for the one you would like the most?

Well, think about it.

UAE is a country that completely transformed itself solely through a commodity called oil.

Let us explore these things: 

  • What happened to United Arab Emirates?
  • What is Dubai right now?
  • Alchemy: How UAE turned nothing into something?
  • What do no corporate taxes mean?
  • How I managed to spend a day in Dubai for free (*) solely through my mindset?

Now lets learn and explore!

Photo: TradingCave

What Happened To United Arab Emirates?

The story goes like this.

The country, the random country far far away in the Persian Gulf in The Middle East was originally a desert.

Source: Self-published work by NormanEinstein

A desert with almost nothing on it. The country was never rich. The locals were riding camels and it was hot as hell. This was roughly year 1950.

Then, switch forward to the 21 st century and now the city of Dubai is a large financial center. There are offices of major corporations like Intel, Dell, HP, every local is rich and there is no lack of wealth anywhere. Dubai is still being built aggressively and the city has lots of unique features and unique design. It is still hot as hell, but every building has powerful air conditioning.

So What Happened In UAE In terms of mindset?

The Arabs found oil. But so have many others!? Other countries in Middle East have found oil as well! And many of those are poor! How come UAE did what many others could not ?

The answer lies in their decisions and their way of thinking. Honestly, obsession with details is excess. Let us concentrate on people’s perception of reality. This is what should matter to us.

In this specific case it does not matter that the Arabs of UAE found oil. It only matters what they did with it. And what they did with it is clear: They transformed their country and they still keep doing so.

They transformed a desert into a city with tasteful design.

They transformed poor people into rich people.

In case of Dubai, they transformed a closed local desert community into a city with roughly 90% of the residents being foreigners and most people there speak good English.

Now that is magic!

Those Arabs played with their reality. They made their reality the way they want it and so should you!

If the Arabs had perceived their country to be an isolated poor country in the desert, they never would have made it! But their perception of their reality was different! They saw that they can make radical changes, they used the opportunities they had, and were not overly satisfied with the way things were. So they took action and transformed their country!

Photo: TradingCave

How I got to spend a day in Dubai technically for free

I give all credit for this experience to my mindset because I easily could have not had this experience if my mindset had been different. But my mindset was appropriate. And I could pull it off even though it was a challenge.

How I did it:

I was traveling from country A to country B. There were tickets with transit through airport X and there were tickets through an airport in United Arab Emirates. Now comes the interesting part.

The tickets with transit through United Arab Emirates were $120 cheaper than through airport X! So I thought, hey, what if I use these $120 to spend a day in UAE? Well, that is exactly what happened.

I searched for tickets so that I could have 20+ hours between my flights to UAE and from UAE and I found them.  Now I had secured 20+ hours to spend in UAE! My plane arrived to UAE at 5AM and I had 20+ hours of free time to spend in a city. I chose Dubai.

My budget for the day was $120, although I wouldn’t have minded going over the budget since this was an experience of a lifetime given the high local prices for everything. Luckily, I managed to visit Dubai without going over the $120 budget.

Photo: TradingCave

What is Dubai at this stage?

Dubai is a tax haven and a financial center because of it. It is a tourist destination and a global hub where business deals are made. It is a luxury resort and a source of great wealth as well.

If you think about it, Dubai being tax-free means that it is attracting capital into the country of UAE. This is basically what no taxation can mean. Countries either set obstacles or they erase obstacles from the way. One of the countries which attracts capital is UAE.

And income from oil + erasing borders and obstacles from the way is partially what has transformed Dubai into what it is today. Of course, it is important to also note that the wealth of the country is being spread among all citizens of the country (~20% of the residents).

Photo: TradingCave


  • Things are not what they first appear to be.
  • It is possible to make radical changes in life through changing the way we think and approach everything.
  • Think about setting borders and rules. Borders repel everything. Lack of borders and rules has the potential to attract everything.
  • It is possible to increase the quality of your day, week, or month radically by just changing the way you approach things, by being flexible, and by being open to opportunities that are hard to notice.


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