Whatever You’re Pushing – It Won’t Matter

Welcome to the real world. This post is the occasional “brick in your face” kinda post. It is intended to be provocative. This perspective is the closest it gets to how a person feels at the bottom of one’s life. This is the perspective of hardship, sacrifice, blood, tears and no hope. 


Judy Schmidt – Lagoon Cocoon

The world is a fucking chaos. Anything CAN and anything MAY happen.

Anything WILL happen.

And in this galaxy of a world, there is you standing with your tiny dreams inside of your head…

And NO ONE gives a fuck.

Trip & Travel Blog – Deena ElKhattam at the Big Lagoon in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines!

When I put it like this, don’t you feel like you have to do something extremely special to make things happen?

Don’t you feel like the world just spitted on you, you fell to the ground, and a thousand people walked over your pathetic corpse?

NO? Well your approach to success should be exactly as if that just happened.

If that is the way you approach success, then yes you deserve to demand success. Otherwise- do not take anything for granted and do not expect anything at all.

If you did not give your very fucking best then do not expect shit.

But yes, torturing yourself to the limit and keeping your life out of balance is stupid as well. Stop doing that.

What are you currently set up for?

Don’t like it?

Then you need some careful work.

Prerequisites to action

  • Choosing the right things
  • Choosing what you really want.

We want to align our whole lives according to our core beliefs! We want everything to be thought through and our core to be built. We want quality, not sloppy work. To have quality you have to have quality from the foundation up to the finishing.

Do things intelligently. Take risks …definitely take risks.

BUT take calculated risks.

To compensate for the risk taking part, 1) Take calculated risks 2) Get disproportionately big rewards.

You absolutely have to take risks, even big risks, in life.

Can you imagine your future and a whole story in which life gave you 1000 opportunities to take risk and you never took any of them, and in the end your life rotted and nothing ever became better?

Stuff to digest.


This is a post from the Self-Control Bootcamp section.

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