Inner & Outer Imprisonment

This post captures and defines both internal and external imprisonment. To put it simply, it is for people who want to break free from imprisonment.  And it is for those who want to make real radical changes happen. But there is more. This post will teach you how to overcome imprisonment and significantly increase the quality of your life…

The Sage, Gateshead by dun_deagh

The Definition of Prison

First, let us define what a prison can be. It is basically anything that restricts you or your freedom. A prison can be an obstacle or a set of obstacles.

There are physical prisons like handicaps, actual prisons and geographical prisons of borders or there can be psychological prisons such as places in your mind in which you are stuck mentally.

Can you be in multiple prisons simultaneously?.. Absolutely! You can be simultaneously in all types of external and internal prisons. It gets messy because you will realize that you are imprisoned by so many things and on multiple levels! And yes, a prison can feel claustrophobic as well!

Prison is something that is relatively constant. it is not something that happens for a minute and then never again. It is usually an echo, a repetition or a constant theme. In other words, it is a repetitive negative pattern that restricts rather than empowers.

the only thing better than a pint is a second pint by Catrin Austin

Putting it bluntly, imprisonment is like getting stuck in a swamp. You get in but you can’t get out. And it takes much more effort to get out than it did to get in. Feels familiar? Yes, my friend, even you have been in such situations and are stuck in a swamp even right now.

In a way, unfulfilled strong desire or an urge is also a prison since it is torturing you. Desire can tear you apart. Because in the eyes of your unfulfilled desire, where you are at right now is a mental prison. To break free from the mental prison of desire you will have to fill that gap between where you are at right now and your desire. In other words, you will have to achieve your goal be it big or small.

But let us not forget that life itself is a prison. Life is a prison of a game. But breaking free from imprisonment is also fun of a thrill, isn’t it?

The bottom line is that you can mold your future, you can mold your life and on TradingCave I will show you how…


Freedom has to do with movement. Because imprisonment means lack of the opportunity to move.

In other words, freedom means moving, freedom means doing, and freedom means taking action.

You are free as long as you can move on with life and have no restrictions on your movement and actions.


Multiple prisons

  • Relationships can be a prison.
  • Promises are a prison.
  • Contracts are a prison.
  • Rules are a prison.
  • Addictions and attachments are a prison.
  • Felt obligations and duties are a prison.
  • Responsibility is a prison.
  • debt is prison.
  • Sticky situations are a prison.
  • Your body is a prison.
  • Constant drag is a prison.
  • Impatience is a prison.

Sometimes we feel like we have obligations and duties when they are actually mere illusions. The obligations are made up of felt responsibility or guilt about not doing something. Obligations are fine, but not when they become a repetitive pattern that decreases your happiness over the long run. That is when you should consider whether fulfilling those obligations is worth it or not.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice the obligations for the sake of something else. Think about gift traditions, Christmas, birthdays, and obligations to be a good citizen and follow customs. Do you really have to do and follow all of these things NO MATTER WHAT?

What if you are in a life and death situation possibly dying within 24 hours if you fail, will you still be celebrating your birthday? Will you still try to be a good citizen? Will you go into debt just to celebrate a fancy birthday? Do some self-analysis and find out what you can afford to do and what you can not. Do not get so deep into fantasy and obligations that you screw up your own life.

A Luxe Light by Christian Lambert Photogra…

If you cherish obligations and customs more than success, looks to me that it is very possible that your priorities are disorganized in a wrong order. If that is indeed so, that is totally usual since you were not aware of that these unspoken social rules can be broken. That is exactly how you will achieve success. Yes, that is, you will make sacrifices. I bet paying your rent is more important to you than being a little bit extra fancy.

The moment you are being a good citizen, you are playing by the rules of somebody or something else. Unless you decide that that is the obligation that you choose to accept. That is actually when it becomes a rule of your own.

Whenever you make a promise to somebody you give up a piece of your freedom. And if you break the promise it will keep buzzing in your head and you will have to face the consequences of breaking a promise, be them emotional or not. But it is not only about consequences. You will have to give up a piece of your willpower if you keep a promise because you will have to monitor your own actions so that you do not break a promise. A promise will be restrictive on you whether you keep it or break it. It will tax your freedom.

Rules imprison

Dino Kužnik

Rules can be either internal or external. There are rules that you made up for yourself or rules that are external and somebody else made up.

Those can be rules of:

  • A social group,
  • A place like a hospital, country, district or whatever.
  • And there are laws which are usually big rules that are strongly enforced and the consequences of breaking which can be quite severe.

These prisons can be avoided but not all of them. But what is more important that you become aware of the imprisonment that follows your each decision. Because each decision can either constrain or free you. It is up to you whether you choose to constrain yourself or free yourself.

Remember: Does it constrain you or does it free you? …Are you sure?

But awareness of prisons is just the beginning. You might even need to set up your life is such a way that you are the least imprisoned by life. Think about it, the greater the degree to which you are imprisoned, the more there is control over your life and the more your inner or outer factors will mold your life, your future and your destiny.

And freedom is, really, all that you have. This is the highest valued asset that you will ever have. The price for freedom is astronomical.

In some sense you are doomed to lose in this game of imprisonment. Everything outside just has a very tight grip on your life. And you are usually the victim of it.


Imprisoned in your body

Talking about your body, it is there wherever you go. There is no way to escape from your body. That is why you will have to just live with it. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to live with the way your body is. You can always improve your body. And it is important to improve it for the same reason as mentioned before. It is important to improve it because your body is there whatever you do and wherever you go.

If you do not stretch or do yoga, your body is most definitely a prison because it is stiff and is holding your body movement back. You might not notice it and you might even be aware of it but gravity is everywhere on earth. And yes, it is affecting you and your body.

Need a vivid example? Before International Space Station astronauts return to Earth their body is all stretched out because there is no gravity on ISS ( International Space Station) and that is why they do not need to stretch. When astronauts came back to Earth people realized that they had lost some muscles, strength and their bodies were not so stretched out as on ISS. That is a perfect example of that gravity puts stress on the body and while that stimulates muscles, it is also a reason that makes your body stiff.

Do you feel comfortable dancing? Well, if your body does not dance, then you most likely are imprisoned in your body. Dancing is a way of building a body mind connection and also a symbol of freedom. Because unrestricted movement is freedom. Expressing yourself through dancing can be very freeing.

Event Horizon by Grant Beedie

Psychological imprisonment

There are many types of prisons but the worst one is in your mind.

It is so because your mind is the only thing that can improve your life quality. It is also so because if your mind is doomed, you yourself are doomed as well. Your mind is the master, your body is the follower. If the master is doomed, so is everything that depends on it. The brain is like the first fallen block of domino that could crush all the following domino pieces.

Psychological imprisonment is one of the reasons people commit suicide. They just don’t see any control over their life and they have lost hope in that they can make real changes happen. That is where Tradingcave comes in. This site is specifically here because I have compassion for people who want to transform their lives but do not know how. And for many people this could be the most valuable thing they will ever do in their life. There is no number that could value how important it could be for people to live their life how they want. And it is also much more valuable for society to have people live their lives how they want to.

  • Fear of strangers can be a prison.
  • Being disconnected from people can feel restrictive.
  • Fear of being judged can be a prison.
  • Rules for how you need to behave or appear in front of people are a prison.
  • Constant impatience is a prison.
  • Attachment to past is a prison.

As usual, it all depends on the perspective. From the perspective of getting things done, sleeping is a prison. From the perspective of sleep, the activities that you do at night instead of sleep are a prison. The way in which you think determines whether you feel imprisoned or free.

To overcome psychological imprisonment you can read this article I wrote: Mind Traps: Mental & Psychological Riddles 

No Action = No Freedom. You choose

The most important thing to understand about prisons is that there is absolutely no way to escape without action. Oftentimes it is MASSIVE action. But not just massive action, it is also INCONVENIENT action.

Think about it, what are prisons ? They are places which are the hardest to escape. They are designed to be difficult to escape. That is the point. It must be both difficult and inconvenient to escape, otherwise what is the point? All the more reason to take MASSIVE action. All the more reason to make massive changes and make massive sacrifices.

Ever slept and had a dream go wrong? Ever have escaped from a nightmare when sleeping? That is exactly how it goes. You have to cut the bad dream and escape. You cannot hope to escape while still playing the game in the dream. You have to plug out of the prison to be able to escape.

Makes sense?


Welcome to the extreme Solution

  • No relationships
  • No promises
  • No contracts
  • No rules
  • No addictions
  • No attachments
  • No obligations, no duties
  • No responsibilities.

What A successful Escape is like

What escaping from prison essentially means to me, is that you escape while never ever getting sucked into the same prison again. That is successful escape. For me, it is only when you break free forever with a stable situation of no return that we can finally call it a successful escape.

That means that you will have to focus on the long term! Short term is when you temporarily break free for a while, getting sucked into the very same whirlpool again. Isn’t that a terrible place to be in? Usually breaking free from imprisonment long term requires just a little more extra work compared to the short term escape so that is exactly what you should always aim for. Do not give up.

How to Escape

To escape a prison you have to keep yourself sane on the road. Your sanity is vital. Because just as I wrote above, your mind is critical. How do you keep yourself sane? Well, you keep yourself as positive as possible. Meaning what? That you do positive things that you enjoy the most and avoid negativity and confusion. In essence, you will have to outdream your reality to be able to change it. And about that I will write in an upcoming post.

So how do you escape? One resource I wrote on how to escape is here: Create Something From Nothing! Make The Most Of Limited Resources

Disconnect yourself from anything that imprisons you. Cut the ties. Erase any echo that reminds you of the prison. Try to avoid remembering anything that imprisoned you psychologically. Each day you are a new person and the past is just past.

But also remember that without restrictions you are like a car without a driver driving down a mountain. Who knows where it will drive? Who knows where the steering wheel will turn? Who knows when the car is gonna stop? That is what people call crazy. Or that is what they call insane. So, you see, certain restrictions can actually help you stay on track.

Simulation frames from this NASA Goddard neutron star merger animation: Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center This supercomputer simulation shows one of the most violent events in the universe: a pair of neutron stars colliding, merging and forming a black hole. A neutron star is the compressed core left behind when a star born with between eight and 30 times the sun's mass explodes as a supernova. Neutron stars pack about 1.5 times the mass of the sun — equivalent to about half a million Earths — into a ball just 12 miles (20 km) across.

As the simulation begins, we view an unequally matched pair of neutron stars weighing 1.4 and 1.7 solar masses. They are separated by only about 11 miles, slightly less distance than their own diameters. Redder colors show regions of progressively lower density.

As the stars spiral toward each other, intense tides begin to deform them, possibly cracking their crusts. Neutron stars possess incredible density, but their surfaces are comparatively thin, with densities about a million times greater than gold. Their interiors crush matter to a much greater degree densities rise by 100 million times in their centers. To begin to imagine such mind-boggling densities, consider that a cubic centimeter of neutron star matter outweighs Mount Everest.

By 7 milliseconds, tidal forces overwhelm and shatter the lesser star. Its superdense contents erupt into the system and curl a spiral arm of incredibly hot material. At 13 milliseconds, the more massive star has accumulated too much mass to support it against gravity and collapses, and a new black hole is born. The black hole's event horizon — its point of no return — is shown by the gray sphere. While most of the matter from both neutron stars will fall into the black hole, some of the less dense, faster moving matter manages to orbit around it, quickly forming a large and rapidly rotating torus. This torus extends for about 124 miles (200 km) and contains the equivalent of 1/5th the mass of our sun.

Scientists think neutron star mergers like this produce short gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). Short GRBs last less than two seconds yet unleash as much energy as all the stars in our galaxy produce over one year.

The rapidly fading afterglow of these explosions presents a challenge to astronomers. A key element in understanding GRBs is getting instruments on large ground-based telescopes to capture afterglows as soon as possible after the burst. The rapid notification and accurate positions provided by NASA's Swift mission creates a vibrant synergy with ground-based observatories that has led to dramatically improved understanding of GRBs, especially for short bursts.

This video is public domain and can be downloaded at: NASA image use policy. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center enables NASA’s mission through four scientific endeavors: Earth Science, Heliophysics, Solar System Exploration, and Astrophysics. Goddard plays a leading role in NASA’s accomplishments by contributing compelling scientific knowledge to advance the Agency’s mission. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Find us on Instagram 


If one certain reality isn’t what you want, you can escape. It won’t be easy. It will probably be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But it is worth it because freedom is priceless. Prison or imprisonment tells us : “With everything in your life, this is where you are at. With everything you are stuck in these places. This is a fact. Accept the fact.”

But there is more… these patterns repeat. And they will keep repeating unless you take massive action. Prisons are sticky. They are like leeches, and the more time passes the stronger the attachment and the deeper they are ingrained.

Work hard and do not lose sight of your goal,


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Additional Resources:

My friend Pippin Gypsy did not like The United States. He decided to escape and he found Chile as his destination. To learn more about how Pippin Gypsy was successful with his escape, read this interview.

My trading mentor and teacher, Chris Capre, was imprisoned in a trap of being poor and once lived out of a van. He overcame it. Listen to these two audio interviews to learn how he did it.


I am not saying that you should break free from everything. All of these things like rules and restrictions can be beneficial as well. It is just important that you are aware of the other side of the coin. Just remember, making those meaningless phone calls or using your smartphone can restrict your freedom in form of a negative repetitive pattern.



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