I know a lot less than I thought.

What do I know the most about?

What can I be certain about?

Because we know so little that there is so much uncertainty.

We know a lot less than we realize.

Uncertainty exists because we only get access to limited information.

And the more we know about something, the more we can be certain about it.

Unfortunately sometimes we feel like we knew something well when in fact we didn’t.

That is what is puzzling.

It is good to face the uncertainty and not ignore it.

If our eyes are closed to uncertainty we will never understand reality.

And yet only through knowing the reality can we make real changes happen.

Just knowing the reality or getting in touch with it is not enough. We need to understand the cause effect relationships that exist. Only then will the way of making changes be revealed.

By changing our actions and by updating our beliefs we can get a new perspective towards matters. When we see everything from an updated perspective we can go deeper into matters than we previously thought possible.

Our minds set barriers to our existence.

We think that who we are today is who we are. But in reality life changes and we change.

And when we start taking different actions, thinking differently and when our environment changes, we realize that we can sometimes be much more than we were before.


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