About SpacePip



My trading journey started in September 2013 when I was listening to The Traders Podcast and was reading articles on Babypips to realize that very soon it will be possible to go to space for just $200,000 USD through Virgin Galactic.















My FX trader acquaintance from Tokyo said that even though he was fooling around and spending a lot of time chatting on SNS, he was able to earn about $40-50k per month. I thought to myself: ” If that’s the case then this dude could fly to space every half a year or so!”

At that time I had many of my dreams up to that point come true and I did not have a clear direction in life. I did not enjoy life without a big purpose or a big goal so I thought to myself: ” Why not try something crazy? Wasting my life doing the things that every other person does will not make me happy. And even if I will not achieve what I set out to do I will still be much more happier than live a mundane boring life without excitement, adventure nor unpredictable magic.”


So then I decided my plan for the next 10 years of life.

” I will trade forex to fly to space in 10 years.”

At that time I thought that it was an unrealistic goal but exciting enough to make me take action. Later on I calculated that If I could put $5,000-$20,000 into my account and profit just 2-4% of my capital each month for 10 years I would definitely have the money to go to space.


Even if it will take me 20-30 years I still think that it is a rather exciting goal to pursue.

Currently, I do yoga to make my body feel better and balance out the negative consequences of sitting behind a desk. I am also obsessed with bodybuilding to make my body stronger, better looking and to express myself through lifting weights and make improvements that can be seen with eyes.

Why I Chose Currency Trading

My Goals As A Person:

  • To take in both positive, neutral and negative things but let out only the most positive things.

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