Self-Control Bootcamp


This section is for self-control, discipline, managing things, staying on track,  consistent habits, eliminating distractions, making realistic plans and sticking to them.The goal is to make you trapped inside of the rhythm of success-friendly behaviors.

There are millions of things that can distract you and become an obstacle. But once you decide your goals, there are only a few things that will count as progress in the eyes of your goal.

Statistically, if you put in the number of things that you can spend your time on and calculate the probability of you doing something productive inside of those, the probability of choosing the right things is near 0. If there are 100,000 things that you can do but only 5 of them count as progress, then you need a system to get the right things done in the sea of everything or it won’t work. Not only will the 100,000 other things distract, seduce, bewilder you but they will also turn you into an idiot and your life into a mess.

The better you get at self-control, the more you will see your mind focusing on the right things at every second. There are millions of things doing which is unhelpful but only a few things that are helpful. Let us focus on how to keep our focus laser-tight!

Self- control has been a topic from the old ages. In the Greek Mythology there is a story about Odysseus. Men were on a voyage and encountered Sirens who seduced the hell out of the men. Their power of seduction was so difficult to resist that the men started to lose their minds.

Even if you have everything in your favor, if you let yourself get distracted at every minute, you will not move forward fast at all.


Here are the posts to jump-start your self-control discipline:

  1. When to Close Charts for the Day
  2. One Trade. What Is In Your Pocket?
  3. Create Something From Nothing! Make The Most Of Limited Resources
  4. Weak-Minded Vs. Strong-Minded People
  5. Life Without Glasses
  6. Giving Up At the Finish Line
  7. Hacking Focus: No Discipline, All Momentum
  8. Dark Days Of Trading


  1. The Way to Energize Yourself Through Desire And Sound Management
  2. A Morning Shot & A Quick Start To Your Day!


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