About TradingCave

If you are a person who wants to trade your current reality for the one you would like the most, welcome!Worlds-Largest-Telescope-2-640x375

This website is about transforming your current reality into the reality of your dreams. Every little detail you might want to change can potentially be changed into something you like much more.

Every part of your life is a tiny detail that we can tweak, change and improve. Tweak a little detail of your life and you will change your future tenfold. One tiny change goes a long way.

TradingCave is not only about forex and trading. It is about trading your current reality for a better one. It is about trading what you do not like for something you like very much. TradingCave is about trading what you like less for what you like more. It is about alchemy – turning cheap objects into gold.

The first step to transforming your reality is the process of building a vision – a picture in your mind. Then, we need to make sure that your psychology supports your vision for your future and polish your mindset, psychology and beliefs about life into something better. After that we need to start clearing all the obstacles from your way and develop a process that will lead you to the state of flow- the state in which progress is disproportionately fast.

We will use the dynamics of positive addiction, attachment, routine, repetition, cognitive function and pleasure to increase the probability of you succeeding by every percent possible.

We will positively “brainwash you” into who you want to become.tmt-sunset

How to navigate the site:


There are categories in which you will find corresponding topics.

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The Purpose Of  TradingCave:

  • To cut down the time that you’d need to spend to realize the things I write about by giving you the very essence of topics in important areas of life.
  • To give you a holistic outlook on the real world.
  • To give you tiny ideas for making tiny beneficial tweaks to your life.
  • To enhance your abilities for survival and dream-setting.
  • To skyrocket your capacity to manage a more complex, experience-rich life at the level of a king, not a prisoner.
  • To increase the clarity in your decisions and approach to life.
  • To highlight to you the “hidden gems” of life that an average person is not even aware of.
  • To structure and present to you the information I give in a way that connects you to the essence of things in the most direct manner possible.
  • To create a ‘hub’, a ‘nexus’ for knowledge and improvement that connects you deep far to the very core of each topic with external links to other sources and people.
  • To help you find meaning and purpose in your life and make you live your purpose through long-term planning.
  • To keep the focus of educational material per mouthful as narrow as possible to keep you attentive, energetic and crystal clear about the road to take.
  • To help you structure your life in such a way that you never forget the most important skills in your life and to create systems for both retaining as well as learning new information over time.


The Mission Of TradingCave:

  • To connect you with your future throughout time.
  • To help you break free from all sorts of imprisonment.


SpacePip’s TradingCave↓

Twitter: @cannamellia

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